Under 11 (School Year 6)


If you are interested in becoming a coach please contact myself or the Coaching Coordinator.

Training Times

Sunday's at 10.15am until approx. 12pm followed by lunch in the club house.


If you’re interested in learning a new sport and developing new skills in a safe, friendly and FUN environment, your in school year 5 then Beverley RUFC U10's is for you. We are always on the lookout for new players, volunteers and coaches.
Beverley RUFC U10's are all about the community spirit, social development, teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline & sportsmanship.

We have a developed training program to ensure all of the children progress at their level and their speed.
All our training is carried out in accordance with RFU age grade rugby and kid’s first rugby.
From the start of this season  the Under 10's team will be training and playing 'full contact' rugby. It isn't the full form of the rules but is an exciting change for the team and an important part of the players development.
We will start by focusing on the correct/safe techniques for tackling, rucking, mauling & the 3 man scrum which as well as ensuring their safety will also help their confidence in the big change.
If you have any questions or concerns, please see me (Alan) before or after training sessions or call me on 07468 534717

Rugby's Core Values

Teamwork is essential to our sport.
Mutual respect forms the basis of our sport.
Enjoyment is the reason we play and support rugby.
Strong discipline underpins our sport.
Sportsmanship is the foundation upon which rugby is built.

Appropriate Clothing

As we are all aware,  We ask we ask that children bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions. Please make sure your children bring a water bottle & there Gum Shield along with them.

Under 11 (School Year 6) Fixtures




Kick Off



29 Sep 19 Goole Hullensians & Ionians Home 10:30 am View
13 Oct 19 Hornsea + Ionians Hessle Away 10:30 am View
27 Oct 19 Doncaster Away 10:30 am View
03 Nov 19 Grimsby Home 10:30 am View
10 Nov 19 Ionians Festival Away 10:30 am View
17 Nov 19 Bridlington Away 10:30 am View
24 Nov 19 Pocklington York & Malton Home 10:30 am View
08 Dec 19 Malton Away 10:30 am View
12 Jan 20 Bridlington Horsea & Scarborough Away 10:30 am View
26 Jan 20 Scarborough Hornsea & Malton Away 10:30 am View
09 Feb 20 Driffield & Bridlington Away 10:30 am View
16 Feb 20 Ionians Hullensians & Scarborough Home 10:30 am View
01 Mar 20 Doncaster Home 10:30 am View
08 Mar 20 Ionians Goole & York Away 10:30 am View
15 Mar 20 Driffield Home 10:30 am View
22 Mar 20 Grimsby Away 10:30 am View
29 Mar 20 Ionians & Scunthorpe Away 10:30 am View
05 Apr 20 Bridlngton Home 10:30 am View
19 Apr 20 Driffield Festival Away 10:30 am View