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Rugby for Under 7's and Under 8's is a non contact sport. They play a version of rugby called 'Tag Rugby' whereby a tackle is executed by pulling a tag from a player's belt (tags and belts are provided).

From the Under 9's age group contact is introduced. This is done gradually and as per the RFU's structured guidelines within Rugby Continuum. As the children get older so the number of players per team is increased. Matches gradually become longer on larger pitches. Again this is as per the RFU's Rugby Continuum. Boys and girls are allowed to play alongside each other up to Under 12's.

Beverley Junior Section has a number of coaches, all of whom are ex or current players who have a sound understanding of the game. The coaches have undertaken RFU coaching courses and are very well qualified.

At Beverley RUFC there is an emphasis on enjoyment and coaching the children in correct techniques and skills. This serves them where as they get older as correct technique invariably makes up for any physical disadvantages. It also ensures they learn how to play safely and to avoid dangerous situations/positions.

We are also keen to ensure all children are given equal opportunity to participate. We want each child to improve and develop as both a person and a player. Therefore every player is given an equal opportunity to play with substitutes being rotated. Winning is a secondary consideration to safety and enjoyment.

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Beverley Rugby Club


Malton and Norton (F) (Away)

1st XV Last Match13th Apr 19

Beverley Rugby Club


Old Brodleians (Home)
Won 38-32

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Beverley Rugby Club


Scunthorpe Stallions (Away)
Won 29-62