2016-17 Season Review

Season Review

At the beginning of the season our new Chairman, Brian Gilbert promised lots of positive improvements on and off the field, with the support of the volunteers and staff at the club. We recently marked the end of season for the club, with the usual Keith Graham Memorial match between a mix of youth and well-seasoned pros from yesteryear, which was played in excellent spirits, raised money for charity and brought the playing season to an end in an excellent atmosphere. So, did the club deliver the improvements that were promised?

Brian is extremely proud of all the efforts that everybody around him has put in this season, in what has been a truly transformational season for the club, which was in the doldrums. He didn’t just want to list the items that we have achieved, he also wanted to publicly acknowledge the efforts of many of the volunteers and staff.

Starting on the field:-

  • The new Head Coach, Will Turnbull has had a phenomenal impact, bringing together a mixed group of lads, some known to us, some new arrivals, and many from last season’s Colts, but all of which are local, which is important to us as we re-establish ourselves as a community club. Thank you Will, Bomber, Girks, Nicky, Phil & more latterly Spenna.
  • The 1st team secured 5th place in Yorkshire 1, winning 18 (in the previous two seasons we won only 5!), and losing only 8 matches, and achieving 84 pts, only three teams have scored more points on the field. As well as the coached and medical team, thank you to Captain Phil Duboulay, and Vice-Captain Chris Renwick.
  • The 2nd team have secured 4th place in Yorkshire Merit East League, winning 13, and losing only 11 matches, and achieving 80 pts. They also reached the play-off semi-final. Thank you Train, Woody & Jacko for your leadership, and helping to bring the 1sts & 2nds much closer.
  • We established a 3rd team/veterans (who may be playing today), and played 7, won 7 – the only 100% record in the club! Thank you Andy Hazell & Mutler for making this happen.
  • Our U17 Colts were crowned Champions and reached the Yorkshire Cup Final. Thank you and well done to Neil & Dobbo and all the boys, and your volunteers & supporters.
  • And our Under 14’s and 15’s also reached Yorkshire Finals. Thank you and well done to Mike, Duncan, Phil, Phil and Steve and all the supporting coaches, players and supporters.
  • We also launched a Ladies & Girls team; we have more than 30 registered players in what is a very important initiative for the club. Thank you to Emma and Alan, with support from Jelly and Sarah, for getting this off the ground.
  • The Mini & Junior sections are continuing to grow, and Sunday mornings at Beaver Park are a pleasure to behold. There are too many coaches, parents and volunteers to mention, you know who you are, and your efforts are hugely appreciated.
  • To complement all of this on the field, we also delivered O2 touch and Return2Rugby campaigns with the RFU, and summer and Easter rugby camps for the juniors, and coaching clinics within the club. Special thanks to Will, Joonz, Rob, Lewis, Jelly, Reece & Jack.

Achievements off the field:-

  • In the pre-season we refurbished the bar area, giving it a more open and modern feel, and although there were some reservations about the olive green, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to Carol, Kate, Matty, Becky, Nicky, Emma, Dave, Mike, Andy and the supporters that helped fund the initiative.
  • This refurbishment was also complemented by introducing a new stair balustrade courtesy of our friends at Meza9, and included a foot rail for the bar, thank you Neil McKenzie.
  • Also in the pre-season the grounds sub-committee, led by Brian Evison, did a fantastic job in renovating the field. This entailed weed killing, fertilising, levelling, seeding, sub-soiling, top-soiling and verti-draining. They have continued to maintain the pitches weekly, and completely voluntarily. The improvement in the grounds is substantial. The club had many problems in the previous two seasons, having to cancel games for flooding etc. Everybody that uses the field are very grateful to Brian, John Nell, John Scott, Howard Joy, Rob Craig, Alan Dale, Sean Barker & the rest of the guys.
  • We launched a new match day programme at the beginning of the season that was designed to actually offer some information to those that read it, and recognise the actual contributors & sponsors to/of the club. We managed to significantly improve the programme, and reduce costs, thanks largely to the efforts of John ‘Bomber’ Harris.
  • During the season we were able to enter into a new relationship with Greene King as our new brewery, which again introduced improvements to the bar, the beers, signage outside the clubhouse and also made the club some much-needed cash. Thank you to John MacFarlane at Greene King, and Matty Gilbert, Bar Manager.
  • We have also attained a new bar licence, which allows us to have more functions, and introduced new processes and security to the club that help raise our standards of operation and safety for all of us, thank you Matty & Rob Campey.
  • The Social Committee have been busy this season. Events such as quiz nights, music festivals, the biggest and most fantastic Ladies Day (sponsored by Lightsource) to date, charity matches, various parties, presentation dinners and days, and soon to come a summer ball (15th July) have all helped keep the club afloat. Thank you to Carol, Stefski, Kate, Becky, Nicky, Emma, Lynsey and Sarah for all your support across the season.
  • In more recent weeks the club has completed a speedy transformation of the lounge bar area, giving it a stylish and modern feel, and offering much more comfort.  The feedback has been really great. Thank you and well done to Carol, Kate, Matty, Becky, Nicky, Dave H, Mike Baker, Andy H, Emma & Reece, Will Harrison, Lucy Lee, and Rhys Innes for making this dream a reality. It really makes the club a much more attractive location for private functions of all types. This particular development has been largely funded by a commuted sums grant from ERYC, and particular thanks are offered to Lea Anne Wright and Adam Toes at the authority.

It’s been a busy season for all of us, and there are further initiatives, some of which are funded, and others that require funding to be secured, and all of which are designed to improve everybody’s experience at your club. Some are very ambitious. If there is anybody considering offering the club some financial support to help with its continued redevelopment please contact us by clicking here.

With all that has been going on, on and off the field, there is a real buzz around Beaver Park, everybody pulling together, and creating something quite special, which we are sure will continue. The feedback from all of the patrons and members is really positive.  We would like to make one final thank you on behalf of the committee, to all of the supporters, friends and families of Beverley RUFC, who help make the atmosphere something you want to come back to time and time again.

Why not visit the club yourselves next season?

The club has delivered on its promise, and next season has the ambition and the determination to achieve and succeed even more.

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