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Biffo Memorial Game


13th May from 1pm

The annual game of rugby between the old and young Bandits will take place on 13th May in memory of the original Captain Bandit, Keith “Biffo” Graham.

Please register your interest with Lee Gallagher as soon as possible, whether it is in a playing capacity or purely as a spectator because those of us that were fortunate to be involved last year will confirm that it was a cracking day and night and all in a good cause!!

If it were not for this particular gentleman, many of us may have never played the game, had careers extended by a fair few years when they thought they were finished, enjoyed fantastic after game social times and met many like-minded people who you remain friends with today!!

This guy pulled people together from all over to play the game he loved. Now it’s your turn to pay back and turn up and show your face, preferably with your boots to have that five minute cameo appearance that Biffo excelled in.

For further information please contact Kate Dalton ( or Ian Gallagher (

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